A tantalizing Menu from Chapter Seven

(Nicholas’s wanderings and frantic escapes from monsters such as the Rayon in the Land of the Ever Awake eventually lead him to a restaurant. In great timing, as he is ravenous. But the restaurant, peopled only by “lame waiters with the look of beaten dogs that would love to change master” is quite outlandish. This is what the menu offers.)

Someday, Somemonth, Someyear in the Land of the Ever-Awake

The Lavish Dinner Menu

(Kids’ menu à la carte)

“Mad Sàlad”
(So fresh… it moves!)

“Split Spit Soup”
(From our hearty cook)

“Stiff Spaghetti à la Raw”
(Perfectly uncooked, deliciously crunchy)

“Fresh Catch of the Day”
(From the fish tank. Anything you manage to catch with your bare hands, we will scale for you)

“Filet Mignon”
(The famous Puccini opera, in stereo)

Sugar Cubes or Saccharine Cubes, with artificial food dyes

To Drink:
RainWater from the Roof.