THE METAPHYSICS OF PING-PONG can constitute a perfect introduction to the vast history of humankind’s quest for philosophical clarity.

Seth Satterlee, Publishers Weekly

Like nothing I’ve ever read and all the more wonderful because of it, THE METAPHYSICS OF PING-PONG is a non-fiction masterpiece.

Ben Keenan, Press Association

THE FORBIDDEN BOOK is excellent — gripping, thought-provoking, mysterious, deep and resonant with esoteric knowledge. It keeps you turning the pages in a most compelling way. I couldn’t put it down.

Graham Hancock

THE FORBIDDEN BOOK is a modern masterpiece on many levels.

Robert M. Schoch, New Dawn

The achievement of  THE FORBIDDEN BOOK is its melding of occult thriller, esoteric explication, and social critique, all at a level of intelligence higher than the genre’s norm.

Jay Kinney, Quest

Chance, love and logics: storms and earthquakes, philosopher’s stones and castaways, gangsters and barbudos, the beauty and the beast, Survivor Island and Treasure Island. An action-packed philosophical novel – like Candide by Voltaire.

Maurizio Ferraris

In THE STORY OF YEW Mina di Sospiro has taken a brilliant seed of an idea and turned it into a timeless book that will be loved for generations of readers.

David Rothenberg, The Ecologist

Original and engaging, THE STORY OF YEW is a new perspective in the life of trees and of human history. And the yew who tells her story is a remarkably sophisticated tree!

Rupert Sheldrake